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16 stone in a day

Sounds a bit outrageous alright.

But in fairness he made a valid point.


Was watching one of the comedy channels

& Peter Kay was on

doing one of his stand up shows.

Dude’s hilarious.

Anyways, he was talking about some lady he knew

that was mad for the latest fad diet that was on the market.

He was saying she lost 16 stone in a day…

from “drinking her own piss”

as part of a detox strategy : )

Funny Boy.

While he’s just being way over the top,

we all know people like this.

Not quite as extreme as drinking their own piss,

but people who seek out that latest fad,

in the latest “health” magazine

that’s pushing the latest detox diet.

Their weight goes up & down like a yo-yo,

just like their emotions,

happy one minute, pissed off the next.

See diets usually only work for one person,

the person who wrote it!

So what I enjoy & works for me is not necessarily

gonna work for you.

It’s why I let my clients choose their meals,

based on just a couple of principles I have.

It gives them the freedom to choose what they like,

provided it’s on par with the few guidelines.

Bottom line is, the best diet is the one you can stick to.

No point starving yourself to lose some weight,

Then put it all back on again

because you were too exhausted to maintain it.

Just like these bullsh#t detox plans

that will be shoved in your face come January.

If you need to lose some inches off the gut

try combining some properly structured strength training

with a healthy diet, that won’t have you suicidal.

You’ll see results FAST

& you’ll be able to build on them week on week

because you’ll actually enjoy the process.

If you need help getting started,

click the link to book a call with me next week:


Andrew “don’t drink piss” Lahart

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