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1st one back

You might have noticed last week

my emails were sending at the exact same time each day.

Reason being I was on holidays for the week,

so I’d scheduled them to go out in advance.

Just as well, I was away in Las Vegas

and the wifi was surprisingly sh#t.

If I had to describe the place in one word it would be “excess”

Whether it be the size of the hotels,

the size of the food portions,

the size of the drinks & cocktails,

and even the size of the people.

Basically everything & everyone there is HUGE.

I can see why people call it Disneyland for adults.

You can basically eat, drink & gamble as much as you want.

No judgement.

Anyways after a full week of excess I got back on Sat evening,

absolutely bolloxed.

And it was back to normal this morning,

after this mornings Bulletproof Dad session & a PT session

it was time to do my own training session.

Having had the week out,

I was f#cking dreading it.

The thought of having to do some exercise

after doing nothing but eat & drink for the week

had me proper stressed out.

Makes me appreciate even more

how tough it can be for an out of shape dad,

who hasn’t done any decent exercise for years

decide to join a training program like bulletproof dad.

Whether it be the fear of being the fattest one there

or the most unfit one there

I can understand why your brain will make you think like that

and fill you with fear.

But the truth is, like anything 

the thought of it is always WAY worse

than actually doing it.

Once you get the first session done

and you’ve proved to yourself that you’re still standing

despite what you thought,

you’ll see you’re capable of WAY more than you think.

Keep this in mind,

next time a spot open up on Bulletproof Dad

and I offer an application link on here for a strategy call.

Andrew “back on it” Lahart

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