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2 Cracked Ribs (the flipside)

One of my lads in Bulletproof Dad got got some bad news during the week.




After joining a few months ago,

he decided to go back playing some over 35’s football.

He had played ball most of his life,

and the fact BPD had helped him drop the excess weight

and recharge his fitness levels he decided to start back playing.

Things were going great,

but unfortunately last week he got a bang whilst playing

and went to the swiftcare clinic to get a scan

where they confirmed he cracked 2 ribs.

A painful nuisance.

But he did have a silver lining which he posted about afterwards:

“On the flip side I was sitting down with the nurse and she asked me

to take off my zip top so she could take my blood pressure

and when she went to wrap the pad around my arm she said

‘my god the size of your muscles, do you play rugby’

as she couldn’t close it and when she did the pump burst open

and she had to do it again : )

And when she finished she said everything is absolutely perfect

with blood pressure and heart rate.

She said I was a very fit young man.

I said

‘Jesus I’d pay €50 a month just to some up here and boost my confidence : ) ’ 

Every cloud has a silver lining as the say.

So while he’ll have to rest for a couple of weeks to let the ribs recover

there’s no major stress as he’s clued in on

how to keep the weight down with his food and basic exercise.

So he’ll slot back in no problem once he gets the green light.

Andrew “up on the flipside” Lahart


PS if you missed Friday’s email about the seminar I’m running

on Friday week (October 13th) keep an eye out for tomorrow’s email

it’ll fill you in nicely : )

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