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3 things you should NEVER eat : p

You know it’s new years resolution season

when these sort of articles are trending all over Facebook.

The 5 most fattening …,

the 3 worst …

etc etc

Here’s the truth,

unless it’s actually poison

you’re gonna be ok eating most things.

Provided you have a few set structures in place,

like your calorie deficit

and a proper mix of macro & micro nutrients.

Having a few treats here and there is fine.

I read one article there the other day

about the 3 foods you should never eat,

and sausages was one of them.

See most sausages contain MSG

which isn’t something you’d wanna be consuming regularly,

so I get why they put it in their list.

But here’s the deal,

On Christmas day I treated myself to some Superquinn sausages,

I enjoyed them so much

that I had them again on Stephen’s Day.


And guess what,

I didn’t die,

I didn’t get fat.

I enjoyed them & got on with my day,

no big deal.

So this idea that you should NEVER eat them is just nonsense.

You’ll struggle to find another subject

that involves more scare mongering & miscommunication

than in basic human nutrition.

The truth is,

provided you’ve got the proper structure set up,

having treats is a GOOD thing.

It helps us stay consistent for the long term,

which is what it’s all about.

So what 3 things should you never eat?

Here’s my list:

1. Bricks

2. Tyres

3. Nails

Probably best avoid those 3.

Just have a good structure in place,

and allow a few treats along the way

and you’ll be grand.

Don’t let the ridiculously over the top scare mongering get to you.

Andrew “get my point” Lahart

ps completely snow under at the moment with strategy calls,

so won’t be taking anymore until I’ve caught up with everyone.

Will keep you posted on the emails,

so stay tuned bud.

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