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62 & Ripped

now & then you’ll come across guys

who are legitimate FREAKS.

This dude is definitely one:


62 and still competes as a professional bodybuilder.


And he’s not an oversized ouff,

he’s just in really good shape.

I hear lads from their early 30’s

writing themselves off due old age.

A bulging belly,

Any ache or pain,

ah that’s just part of “getting auld”.

In this brief interview Lazaro

(the ripped 62 year old)

talks about his mindset:

“I believe that if you have the right mind you can just

carry on going and continue to get better”

That’s what he puts his success down to.

Nevermind his training.

Nevermind his diet.

It all starts with his mindset.

Because lets face it, Everything starts with it.

How you perform at a task,

all depends about your thoughts about the task.

You see something as a challenge,

that you can reap some rewards from,

you’ll attack it head on.

Get given a stupid task, that’s pretty meaningless to you,

no way you’re gonna put in the same level of effort.

It’s just human nature.

This dude refused to believe the standard trail of thought

about getting old.

And he’s using it to fuel his love for training & eating well.

If you join a gym,

and when you go,

you spend most of your time there wandering aimlessly around,

from machine to machine,

not really knowing what the f#ck your doing.

Don’t expect to have an abundance of enthusiasm for it,

because you’ll soon figure out it’s mundane

and you’re getting very little benefit from it.

Join a program like Bulletproof Dad,

training in an environment with other lads with a similar story,

all under the guidance of mein my gym.

All of a sudden that mindset of yours shifts.

You see the benefits, you enjoy the benefits

so you keep f#cking doing it.

Makes sense right?

This dude is an absolute EXAMPLE of what can be achieved

with the right mindset.

Here’s the link again:


Andrew “he’s f#cking shredded” Lahart

PS if you’re one of these gym wanderers that needs help,

just reply to this email to set up a phone call.

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