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A Brotherly Rivalry

Had a guy start training with me back in August.

And at the same time he started

his brother started training in a gym out the southside.

And doing what brothers do best,

they got pretty competitive about their progress.

And a few weeks ago he was a bit concerned

because his brother has actually lost more weight than him.

But when you consider the circumstances it’s easy to understand why.

He (my client) wasn’t particularly overweight.

He just had a “ned kelly & a double chin”

(his words, not mine)

that was starting to expand since he’s had 2 kids.

And he wanted to nip it in the bud before it got worse.

Because he played soccer all his life,

his upper body strength was way below what it should have been.

So when he staring lifting weights with me,

he started to pack on some nice lean muscle.

And while he’s lost the little nedser and the double chin,

his overall weight loss was pretty underwhelming on the scales.

Makes sense when you consider he wasn’t overweight

& he’s packed on all that new lean muscle.

Because of the above, his body has completely transformed.

And while his brother has lost more weight on the scales,

It’s because all he does is run on a treadmill.

So who’s actually done better?

Well I suppose it comes down to what you value more.

Do you just want to be able to tell people about

a specific number you lost on the scales?

And not really care about how you look in the flesh.


Do you wanna build a strong athletic shape

having your t-shirts fitted around your chest & arms.

I know my priority will always be about

how you look and how you feel.

And thats why with BPD we just track weight

as small part of the overall picture

and not make it the be all and end all.

Andrew “them feels” Lahart

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