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A Fr Ted lesson

Sitting here watching an old episode of Fr Ted.

The one where Fr Damo steals Mr Benson’s whistle.

Poor auld Ted can’t get his head around the fuss being made

about a whistle being stolen.

Being someone who spends a lot of time researching about food,

I can empathise with his frustration.

You can’t underestimate the power of a good diet

and how it can supercharge your lust for life.

I see it first hand with all the dudes that start training with me,

as soon as they cut out the big offenders

and bring in some more wholesome natural foods,

their bulging gut starts to shrink immediately.

But people doing what people do best,

they can over complicate the whole thing.

They can get so into nutrition

that they get paralysed about eating.

They get so focused on what’s bad

and what they can’t have

that they actually get afraid to eat anything.

The usual stuff you here like:

bananas make you fat,

non organic foods will kill you,

one beer or a glass of wine will destroy all your gains.

To be honest the list goes on and on

when it comes to people getting carried away.

As I said I’m a big believer in the power of good food


only to a point.

The reality is,

to follow the perfect diet,

you better say goodbye to your social life now.

Going out for dinner or meeting a mate for a coffee

is OUT.

So if you’re planning on going on a perfect diet,

ask yourself how long will this non existent social life last.

Rather than striving for perfection,

why not strive for consistency.

Make a few subtle changes,

keep them up.

Once they become habit,

add in a few more

and repeat the process.

Before you know it,

you’ll have the balance just right if eating well

and still having some sort of a social life.

No point losing weight,

but being a miserable pr#ck with no friends as a result.

The reality is,

you’ll know better than anyone what you can actually stick to,

so you decide what you are willing to do.

Give it a bash and if it doesn’t work,

get help.

Andrew “tell Frosty I don’t want any bleeding tea” Lahart

PS gonna take 2 strategy calls tomorrow,

here’s the link if you wanna get me on the phone

and see if I can help you out:


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