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A Happy Halloweener

Had a few of the bulletproof dad sessions on yesterday

as most of the lads are tied up this evening

trick or treating with the kids.

When we were chatting as we do between sets yesterday

One of the lads mentioned how he was at a fancy dress party

the night before.

And he went as Batman.

He was delighted with himself because he spent “stupid money”

on the costume a few years ago.

But only got to wear it once.

As he couldn’t fit into it the last few years

“the thing was bet on around the middle” he said.

But since joining Bulletproof Dad back in August,

He’s already down the few inches around his gut

that helped him slip back into the costume.

So he wore it with pride on Sunday night.

And even got a few compliments about his weight loss

while at the party.

Which I’m sure made his few drinks taste even sweeter : )

Andrew “Happy Halloween” Lahart

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