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A night out?!

Can you have one when you’re trying to lose weight?

Here’s my take on it.

A night out can be important for your weight loss plan.

I’m serious here.

The key to losing the belly and keeping it off

is that you have to ENJOY the process.

Anyone can muster up the motivation

to go hell for leather for a few weeks

Killing themselves in the gym & restricting all their fun stuff.

Especially if there’s something like a wedding or holiday

coming up in the no to distant future.

But my attitude is,

what’s the f#cking point in losing weight

if you’re just gonna put all back on again?!

In other words, losing weight using a process

that realistically you’re never gonna maintain

once that holiday is over.

And you pile on the weight until the next big occasion is looming.

It’s a viscous cycle that you can get easily sucked into.

So what if you were able to lose the weight,

while still having a few beers or treats along the way?

Losing weight without ever feeling your overly restricting yourself

or cutting yourself off from social occasions.

You’d be less likely to go old bad habits right?

I mean why would you, if you’re enjoying the process.

See it’s much easier to make better choices during the week

when you know you have something to look forward to at the weekend.

It’s when you tell yourself you “can’t have” that’s when the struggle

and the cravings kick in and eventually you give in.

I get the lads in Bulletproof Dad to track their food

(calories & protein)

So that when it get’s to the weekend they know how much

calories they can spend on a night out.

So it doesn’t negatively impact their results from training.

You just gotta make sure you stay within your numbers.

You might think this sounds to good to be true,

but these before & after pictures will prob change your mind:


Click the link above & check them out.

Andrew “enjoying the process” Lahart

PS Bulletproof Dad is now full again,

so not gonna take any strategy calls for the rest of the week.

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