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A Quick Tip

If you’ve been going hard at it in the last week with exercising

Just make sure that you’re measuring the correct areas.

What I mean by this is,

most lads store the bulk of their excess weight around the belly.

And after a few weeks of being in better habits

that can feel it starting to shrink down.

But when they go to put on a smaller wasted pair of trousers

they till struggle to fit into them.

Reason being is, they only wear their trousers up to their waist line,

and not their belly button region.

(unless their copying the spongebob squarepants style)

So don’t allow yourself to be disheartened

if the trouser waist line isn’t shifting in the beginning.

It’s your shirts and t-shirts where you’ll see the initial difference

so focus your attention there.

Simple thing to do is get a measuring tape,

and every week at a designated day & time

(ideally a morning before breakfast)

measure the girth around the belly button point.

And track that exact point each week.

That will give you an accurate reflection of your progress.

Andrew “just to be aware of” Lahart

About the Author Andrew Lahart