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A snotty response

Got a very HEATED response to yesterday’s email.

It was from a fella who wanted to know why I had

“beef” with supplement companies.

So before responding,

I popped his email address into Facebook search

and wouldn’t you know it

he was a salesman for one of the well know

magic pill companies.

He was also worked in a bank according to his page.

And that’s my first point to be honest.

These complains use what’s called a pyramid selling scheme

which involves people from any background

selling these products.

Regardless of their background, work history or education

they just attend a 1 day or 2 day seminar

and now all of a sudden they’re an “expert” in nutrition.

Dishing out the advice, which usually goes along the lines of

“buy my products”.

It’s a great little money maker.

But to be honest the real “beef” I have with these companies is

the reason these magic pill diets “work” is

because the supplements are supported with a particular diet.

And the diet is a low calorie diet.

Which means the person who follows it is in what’s called

a calorie deficit.

Meaning they’re burning off more energy then their consuming

so as a result they lose weight.

And for this reason, people who follow it lose weight.

But here’s the kicker,

rather than blow all your hard earned money on

fancy pills & shakes

you could swap them for something like a can of coke zero.

Not exactly healthy but it has zero calories.

So you follow the same low calorie diet but sub in the coke zero

instead of the expensive shakes and pills.

And low and behold you lose the same amount of weight

without the unnecessary expense of all the magic supplements.

Get my point?

It’s the calorie deficit that’s what matters

and not the fancy supplements.

So rather than blow all your bacon on these things,

download the my fitness pal app (for free)

and start keeping a food diary on it.

It will teach you what calories are in what foods

and you can then make better decisions with your food.

It’s something I encourage the lads in the Bulletproof Dad Program

to use and it work’s a f#cking treat.

Andrew “what counts” Lahart

PS gonna keep the strategy calls open until tomorrow

so if you want me to get in touch and go through the details of

the BPD program, just reply to this email.

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