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A Startling Revelation

Chatting to some of the lads after one of the

bulletproof dads sessions yesterday.

And one of them told a story about the day 

of his first session with me.

This is going back almost 9 months ago.

He was due in at the 7pm session that evening.

So after work he drove home to see the family 

get some food and get his training gear ready.

But he admitted that as it got closer to the time 

to leave the gaff and head over.

a “crippling fear” came over him.

And every thought he had was telling him not to go.

I was a bit taken a back at first.

But then when he went on to explain, 

I could see where he was coming from.

See he hadn’t done any decent exercise in the last 10 years

since giving up football.

(apart from the odd fling with the gym)

So he suddenly became aware of how unfit he was

and was terrified that was going to “keel over”

a few minutes into the session. 

So after he explained all that, 

I understood what he meant.

But thankfully he “forced” himself to go.

And he hasn’t looked back since.

See the thing is with Bulletproof Dad,

I only let in a max of 50 lads,

5 groups of 10 lads, so there’s only 10 in a training session

(hence the waiting list)

This allows me to look after a new guy when he just starts,

giving him the extra attention he needs at the beginning.

And after a couple of weeks, 

they don’t be long getting up to speed

with the rest of the lads.

Andrew “proof is in the pudding” Lahart

PS If you’re thinking about getting involved in Jan

I recommend you hit the link below 

to get your name down on the list:


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