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A very interesting move

Did you see this trending online today?

Mars food company have decided to split all their food products

into a list of “occasional” products

(to be eaten no more than once a week)

and “everyday” products

so that their consumers can make healthier choices.

They claim that:

“To maintain the authentic nature of the recipe,

some Mars Food products are higher in salt, added sugar or fat.

As these products are not intended to be eaten daily,

Mars Food will provide guidance to consumers on-pack

and on its website regarding how often these meal offerings

should be consumed within a balanced diet.”

These are a HUGE food company that make products like

Dolmio pasta sauces & Uncle Ben’s rice.

What do you think yourself?

Would having this information

encourage you to make healthier choices?

One things for sure,

it’ll be interesting to see how it affects their sales figures.

If the sales of some of their “occasional” products plummet

they could be scraping this incentive in no time.

Or alternatively people will have more trust

in what they’re buying that

their sales figures may actually increase.

If that’s the case,

I’m sure you’ll see plenty of other food companies

jumping on the bandwagon.

It’s an interesting one.

Andrew “watch this space” Lahart

PS here’s the link to the full article:


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