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A work horse

Let’s face it, those stats yesterday were pretty crazy.

From the skipping the gym survey I sent out on yesterday’s email.

Over half the lads said they’d put work commitments before themselves.

As a generation we’re becoming work horses,

putting in BIG hours in the office

and trying to make a career for yourself.

But I ask

Is there a point being rich if it involves being

stressed out, overweight, divorced & having no real friends?

The whole point is to be truly happy in life,

So with that you need to dominate each of

the CORE 4 areas of your life:



Relationships (partner, friends, family)

Business/work life

Because each one of the above effects the other.

Simple example is Body.

If you hate how you look,

& you’re very conscious of that bulging Ned Kelly,

It’s gonna have you pissed off,

so you’re mind will be full of negative thoughts.

Those negative thoughts will keep you in a pissed off mood,

so the people closest to you will bear the brunt.

Your misses & kids (the ones you love most) especially.

And all these negative thoughts are gonna cripple any self confidence you have,

so you’re really gonna struggle to perform in work.

So you can see how you see yourself in the mirror

has such a huge influence over the key areas of your life.

It’s why I say BPD helps lads

“get paid & laid more” : )

Kinda cheesy but when you break it down like I just did.

You can see where I’m coming from.

Your body is your vehicle that drives everything in your life.

So take personal responsibility for it.

It is an honest reflection of how you treat yourself.

And if certain areas of your life are not going to plan,

start with working in your body,

and just see how your thought process changes with it.

It’s literally life changing because

the reality is we become our thoughts

(read that last line again).

So if you’re struggling, get your body & mind in check.

Andrew “want it all” Lahart

PS Bulletproof Dad is now full again,

so won’t be taking anymore strategy calls for the rest of the week.

Keep an eye on the emails & I’ll let you know soon as a spot opens up.

Because you follow my emails, you always have first option.

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