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All Over The Gaff

So while I’m away on honeymoon

It was back to reality yesterday after 2 weeks off training.

I popped into the local gym here in Nerja.

First time in a commercial gym in a long time.

And you forget some of the funny sh#t you see.

I’d never make fun an of an overweight or unfit lad

who’s genuinely trying to get his fitness up.

But those meat heads loudly grunting EVERY rep

(fair enough if its as a maximal effort)

now that’s a different story.

And this one lad yesterday, you wanna seen him,

swing heavy dumbbells up and down

in what was an attempt at a bicep curl.

His from was all over the gaff.

Swinging them up & letting gravity take them back down.

But hey he looked cool lifting those big weights.

I should have got his email address and sent him this link

A 2 min video on how to bicep curl PROPERLY:

Andrew “don’t be that guy” Lahart

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