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An angry unsubscriber (very angry)

Was planning on doing a completely different email today

but I just had to share this one with you.

Most days I’ll get an unsubscribe or two from my emails.

Usually has something to do with the fact I invite people to unsubscribe, ha.

In fairness I say they’re not for everyone.

If I sent generic personal trainer sh#t out like

> Top 5 tips to lose weight

Boring sh#t that you’ve already read a hundred times before.

Then maybe I’d get upset.

But the fact I consciously try to put my personality across,

in each email, so that people know exactly what I’m about.

It’s understandable it’s not gonna be for everyone.

Which is cool, I don’t take to personal.

At this stage you know the deal.

You know I’m not someone who trains anybody with a pulse & a wallet.

You know I’m fussy about who I take on.

It’s why all my programs are application only.

Because I’m only interested in helping people who are genuine about making a change.

The application process is great because it filters out all the time wasters,

leaving me to select from a bad ass pool of potential clients.

See some people think once they start with me, all their problems are over.

But as you know, the reality is it’s only the first step.

I can only guide, support, & motivate.

I can’t physically do the work for them.

Which is amazingly what some people actually expect.

These emails do the same thing.

Allows you to get to know me a bit better,

it’s why I try to be as honest as possible.

No point being someone else on here

and then you rock up to the gym to meet a completely different person.

Had one dude the other day unsubscribe from my “bullshit emails”.

He said he had “signed up for daily emails but I had to wait 2 days for one”.

If he was a client I’d just offer him his money back,

but this is FREE INFORMATION and he still found a way to complain.

The sense of entitlement…. the mind boggles ha.

Imagine getting so wound up about a f#cking email.

You can only imagine what he’d be like as a client

training with me and the other lads in the gym.

He wouldn’t make it through the first session

without being sent home with a refund and a request never to return.

I swear I’m not usually this grumpy but

any of you dudes that work directly with people will relate.

There is some f#cking odd balls out there.

Seriously odd!

After reading his email, I had a choice.

Do I let him get to me and spoil my day?

Or do I focus on all the good feedback I get and ignore this asshole?

That’s an easy one.

So my response was simple:

“ thanks for unsubscribing : ) ”

Lesson learned?

Dickheads will be Dickheads.

Accept it, and get on with your day.

He’s done me a favour,

providing me with all the content I needed for an email.

A potential negative reversed right back into a positive.

Andrew “watchout dickheads about” Lahart

PS Bulletproof Dad is now full again.

Will keep you posted if any places open up

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