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“The Best One in Years”

One of the lads was back in the gym last night

after 2 weeks away in Spain.

He picked a bad 2 weeks to leave Ireland,

so he was getting plenty of stick over that from the other lads.

But he mentioned to me that this was the first holiday in years

that he actually enjoyed being in the sun.

He was able to whip the top off anytime the sun hit

and not worry about trying to cover up the the bulging gut.

And he also mentioned that he probably stood in for more photo’s

with the kids this year,

than the last 5 holidays he was on combined.

Because previously he would have avoided photos at all costs.

All because of how he looked.

But thankfully he got honest with himself earlier this year

and joined BPD back in Feb.

And he’s since dropped for a 38 waist to a comfortable 34.

And looks about 10 years younger.

You could see the smile in his face as he was telling me

And you couldn’t help be happy for him.

He said “it’s the best holiday I’ve had in years”.

It never ceases to amaze me how much losing the dad belly

can benefit someone’s life.

It goes way beyond the usual “getting fit”

Especially when it comes to your family

Andrew “Happy Holidays” Lahart

PS here’s the application link for BPD 2 week trial

If the above story sounds all too familiar with you:


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