Beware - Defined Fitness


This is something I’m constantly encouraging the lads in BPD to do.

It’s to log and track their food on the myfitnesspal app.

So that they can learn what calories & nutrients

are in the food that they’re eating.

In other words, become calorie aware.

Reason being is, if you put up with the initial effort

of trying to log your food in the first week or two

you’ll discover what’s in what food

which gives you great freedom with your food.

Comes in very handy if you enjoy a few beers at the weekend

or if you like going out for a meal.

You can eat a certain way during the week,

and then know exactly where you stand for the weekend.

But unless you log in the first few weeks,

you’ll never really get it.

The main reason being so many lads think that they eat “healthy”

But problem is some foods perceived as healthy

can be super high in calories.

So you might be force feeding yourself certain foods

thinking you’re doing great work.

Check this link out below,

it shows some great comparison images of foods

in terms of their calorie contents.

Some of them will genuinely shock you.

Andrew “jaw drop” Lahart

Here’s the link, go have a quick look:

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