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Big evening ahead

There’s been a great buzz around the gym this week.

It’s gas, everyone looks forward to the time off around Xmas

but by the end of it,

you end up looking forward to getting back into your old routine.

So the lads were all back in since Monday,

with the bit between their teeth.

Ready to work off those extra Xmas pounds.

So the energy around the place has been good.

But also, I have Danny Lennon from Sigma Nutrition

coming in this evening to deliver a seminar to all the lads.

He’s one of Irelands leading nutritionists

and will showing the lads what’s important

and what’s NOT important when it comes to trying to lose weight,

without having to go through any ridiculous crash diets.

So the lads are all really looking forward to it.

But all week I’ve been trying to make them appreciate,

that this seminar will be absolutely useless to them

if they choose not to apply the information given.

See I’ve been on a lot of seminars & courses over the last few years.

And the reality is,

anyone can go to a talk or seminar,

sit there, listen & simply collect information.

But unless you go home afterwards and actually execute

what you’ve been taught,

the whole thing has been a complete waste.

Too many people go to these things,

listen to what’s said

and pick & choose the info they like.

The info that suits them.

So they can validate what they’re already doing.

And then they pretty much ignore the rest.

But when you break it down,

that doesn’t make any sense.

Why bother going in the first place?

Anyone can sit there and collect information but

knowledge means nothing without actually taking action.

Unless you execute what you’ve learned,

your circumstances are just gonna stay the same.

So don’t be that unhappy guy.

Andrew “be an executioner” Lahart

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