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On an application call with a lad yesterday

who was looking to join Bulletproof Dad.

When I asked him to score his current fitness levels out of 10

his answer was pretty blunt.


Both of us had a little laugh at it but I then went on to explain to him

that the whole point of the Bulletproof Dad Program

is to help you get out of the rut of bad habits .

To help you get fitter, lose the belly & tone up.

No matter what level you’re starting from.

Ye I’m fussy about who I take on as a client,

I don’t really care what fitness level you’re currently at

Because in a couple of months you’ll have improved so much,

Where you’re at now will just be a memory.

Nobody ever submits an application with me

because they’re happy with their current situation

It’s why I always say Bulletproof Dad is for REAL lads,

who enjoy their food and who have a social life.

Because when you enjoy the process, you keep it going consistently.

And that’s what is all about.

See for a lot of lads who follow this blog,

they’re thinking about trying out the 2 week trial

but they talk themselves out of it

simply because the think they’re too fat or too unfit.

And that I’ll try kill them on their first week training.

When the truth is nothing could be further from the reality.

I’m very aware of your starting point so we build it up slowly

and as the weeks progress,

and you get fitter and stronger

we can up the intensity week on week.

Andrew “as simple as that” Lahart

PS if you’re guilty of the above

here’s the link to get me on the phone to chat about

the BPD 2 week trial:

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