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Black Friday Chaos

Trying to get in & out to my gym Airside today

was a nightmare.

Traffic was f#cking chaos.

All the people hungry for a bargain,

lined up in the cars

frothing at the mouth over a parking spot opening up.

I really hope all the agro

was worth the 10-20% they saved on their shopping.

Listen we all love a bargain, nothing wrong with that.

But between the massive queues of traffic

& the outrageous videos floating about on Facebook

of people kicking the sh#t out of each other in department stores

it’s safe to say this Black Friday fad

has definitely got peoples attention.

And judging by the videos

it seems to be bringing out the very worst in people.

Well the f#cking lunatics anyways.

See people get terrified of missing out,

so they jump straight on the bandwagon

and completely lose the run of themselves.

Unfortunately in my line of work,

I see this sh#t on a regular basis.

Every few months some new fad celebrity diet bursts onto the scene,

as does some f#cking retarded new workout

that involves jumping around your living room for 20 minutes every day.

Claiming you’ll burn such & such calories

in such & such time.

To be honest it might even work for the initial stages,

ie you may actually lose some weight.

Only problem is,

it involves doing a stupid amount of high injury potential exercise 

or an extremely bland & restrictive diet.

If you’re someone who’s desperate to lose the belly,

you’ll go fully balls in for the fist few weeks.

Anything is better than feeling the way you are now right?

dude I get that.

But problem is,

because it’s so unnecessarily intense

you’ll burn out in a matter of weeks.

Give up, go back to old habits,

and feel even more frustrated with yourself.

Not that great an idea when you think about it.

But truth is,

there’s lads locked in this f#cking cycle of “all in, all out”

for years.

And the end results is always the same,

you stay f#cking fat.

So rather than going balls in on the next quick fix or fad

why not ask yourself

“what’s the minimum work required for me to lose the belly?”

Something that you can actually stick to.

Something that you can actually enjoy the process of.

Simple Example: Stop skipping breakfast,

or start exercising a few times a week.

We are only TRUTHFULLY committed to the stuff we do consistently

and not the bullsh#t stuff we go balls in on every now & then.

So keep it to a calculated minimum & keep it consistent.

Leave the fad stuff to the rest of them.

they’re welcome to it

Andrew “minimal effort” Lahart

PS If you’re one of these gents stuck in this rut

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