Bulletproof Dad

Are You A Busy Dublin Dad That Needs A Kick Up The Arse? 

Discover how my BPD Kick Up The Arse Trial is helping busy dads (just like you), lose the belly and get fit again

The Kick Up The Arse Trial

Give me 28 days and I’ll show you exactly how I’m helping the busy dads of Dublin:

  • Lose the belly so that you can wear a fitted shirt with confidence.
  • Get fit again so that you can play with your kids all day without feeling exhausted.
  • Shrink those embarrassing man boobs so that you can take your shirt off on holidays without feeling self-conscious.
  • Turbocharge your energy levels so that you can dominate your day in work and be a superhero to your kids in the evening.
  • Build an athletic looking body and have all your mates wondering how you did it.

What does a Bulletproof Dad look like?​

What We Do:

  • Train 2-3 hours Per Week 
  • Morning Sessions at 6.30am
  • Or Evening Sessions at 7pm & 8pm 
  • Bonus Sessions at Weekends
  • Monthly Body Fat Check-Ins
  • Simple To Follow Nutrition Program
  • Unlimited Support & Motivation

Why Bulletproof Dad?

  • Training with like minded lads, in an encouraging atmosphere
  • All sessions designed, carried out & supervised by me
  • Strict Cap on Numbers to ensure high quality sessions
  • Monthly Body-Fat Analysis to accurately monitor your progress
  • Additional workout plans available to take to your gym
  • Daily Contact with me to ensure you're on track
  • ​Group Forum for support for you and your training partners
  • ​Dressing room atmosphere (sense of humour essential)
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan that's simple to follow 
  • Access to all our seminars
  • My "Nedser Melter" Recipe Book
  • Complimentary Recovery Shake at the end of each session
  • This not a oversized bootcamp !!
  • Bulletproof Dad Trail is Application Only:

Who is Andrew Lahart ?

I am the owner & trainer at Defined Fitness in Swords. From here, I run The Bulletproof Dad Program.

A programmed specifically designed for busy dads who are trying to get back in shape with the small amount of free time they have available.

What The Dad's Say:

Colin, Skerries

Paul, Swords

Pascal, Malahide

Why Dads? 

Over the years working as a personal trainer, I noticed a recurring theme with most of the lads I was training.

They all had a very similar background, piling on the pounds once they had settled down and had a family.

And while ladies can go off to their bootcamp or go to weight watchers,

You are expected to just go it alone in the gym, with no proper guidance or support.

A recipe for failure, especially if all you know is being part of a team sport when you were younger.

Bulletproof Dad is designed specifically for lads who have had to stop exercising because every spare minute they have is spent working a busy job or looking after the kids.

And as a result, your weight has crept up over the years,developing a nice little ned kelly (aka the dad belly).

And also your fitness levels is nowhere near what it used to be.Not because you are lazy, it was simply down to a genuine lack of time.

But eventually you realise that you can’t continue down this slippery slope and decide that it’s time for change.

This is where I and the Bulletproof Dad Program come in.

The results I’ve helped lads achieve so far have been literally jaw dropping. 

Offering the support, motivation and accountability that's necessary in order for ​long lasting transformation to happen.

By training just a couple of times a week and following a flexible nutrition plan.


I believe in the Bulletproof Dad Program so much that if for some reason you are not satisfied I will personally refund your investment after the 14 day trial. 


  • The full version of my “Nedser Melter Recipe Book” so whoever is in charge of the cooking at home will never be short of ideas. (contains 83 healthy recipes that genuinely taste delish)
  • The full of version of my Nutrition Guidelines so that you’ll never be fooled by fad diets ever again.
  • Access to a private Group so that you have direct access to me and the lads that are going through the same process as you.
  • Regular body fat analysis to accurately track your progress (offline options only)
  • Complimentary recovery shake at the end of each training, so that you will be fresh for your next training session.
  • 100% money back guarantee. If for some reason you fail to drop body fat, I’ll give you back all the money that you have invested in me.