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Discover How A Personal Trainer in Swords is Helping The Mature Gents of Dublin Live Their Retirement To The Fullest 

(without having to give up your few pints)

Andrew Lahart - Defined Fitness

Bulletproof Grandad

  • Supercharge Your Energy Levels So That You Can Play All Day With The Grandkids
  • Learn How To Move Better And Offset The Issues Of "Getting Older"
  • Get Stronger & Add Big Yards To Your Golf Swing
  • Lose The Belly So That You Can Transform From "Fat" to "Fit"
  • Get Into An Active & Healthy Routine

The Bulletproof Grandad Program

  • Training with like minded lads, in an encouraging atmosphere
  • Training sessions specifically designed for the older gent.
  • All sessions carried out & supervised by me
  • Strict Cap on numbers to ensure high quality sessions
  • Regular Body-Fat Analysis to accurately monitor your progress
  • ​Dressing room atmosphere (sense of humour essential)
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan that's simple to follow 
  • 14 Day Trail is Application Only:

What's Included?

The Training Program

  • Workouts that are to the point, get into the gym, get it done, go home
  • Safe Exercises that burn the maximum calories from your limited time you’ve got to exercise
  • Morning Training Schedule to tie in with your calendar

Motivation, Support & Accountability

  • Daily contact from me personally to ensure that you’re on track
  • Open Group Forum so you can share and receive advice with all the other lads involved in the program
  • Daily contact with me so you can get any of YOUR questions answered directly.

Nutrition Program

  • Step by Step introduction so that you can learn the BPD Nutrition priority system
  • Learn how to focus on what counts & ignore all the bullsh#t myths
  • Flexible meal timing to tie on with your lifestyle
  • Allowances for weekend “cheats” so that you don’t have to give up your social life
  • Full recipe book, so the chef at home is never short on ideas.