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Change of mind

Sitting here watching Munster tear Glasgow to shreds.

After a very emotional build up to the game.

All the talk was how they wanted to win

as a tribute to their late manager.

It just shows the power of your mindset.

The players went out with the attitude:

This is what you have to do

So lets be ruthlessly committed to doing it.

And for a team that’s been struggling recently,

and got man sent off early, it’s worked a treat.

Playing like men possessed.

So if you’re a dude that’s struggling to lose the belly,

you can take a lot of from this.

A shift in your mindset could be the key

to unlock a slimmer, happier, more energetic version of you.

You already have the tools needed,

Maybe all you need is someone to help you out,

putting YOUR action plan together

that YOU can commit to and stick to

And all of a sudden that mindset of yours changes.

But you’ll never know, unless you willing to give it a proper go.

And that my friend is the call YOU gotta make.

Andrew “how you look at it” Lahart

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