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Chaos in Dublin Airport

As I write this, I’m sitting at the bar in Dublin Airport.

My flight to Edinburgh was due to take off at 12.30pm

Due to the storm it’s been delayed til 9pm tonight.

Pain in the f#cking hole.

But as I’m sitting here the airports in chaos

Nearly every flight is either heavily delayed

or cancelled.

Sh#t situation for everyone,

but bottom line is there’s nothing you can do.

It’s funny seeing how everyone is reacting.

The people around me have all just sat down,

ordered a pint or a coffee

and got on with it.

But some people are completely losing their sh#t,

arguing with the airline staff.

and complaining about the whole thing.

Heard one fella complaining how it was “disgraceful”.

What the f#ck are the airport staff supposed to do,

Stop the storm?

Should have sent him up in a plane into the f#cking storm.

Good riddance.

The whole situation is a pretty good paradigm

of sh#t that can happen in life.

Stuff happens that you can’t control

BUT you do get to choose how you react to it.

If you’re a gent with a busy job & a young family

chances are you’re not as fit as you used to be.

Chances are your belly has expanded out.

Chances are your energy levels aren’t at the level they used to be.

And chances are your spare time is at a premium.

If so, it’s no wonder you’re fatter now

than you ever were before.

It’s not that you’ve chosen to be.

It’s just simply your current lifestyle has lead you to this point.

There’s no shame in it.

Most lads that start training with me in bulletproof dad,

come from the same circumstances.

But rather than let it continue

and just feel sorry for themselves,

they’ve decided to take action.

To make an effort to create 2 hours a week for themselves.

So that they and everyone else around them

can benefit from a re-energised version of themselves.

Bottom line is,

getting in shape gives you more energy.

And everything in life get’s easier when you have energy.

So your family & your work performance all benefit from it.

So using your kids or your busy job

as an excuse not to,

is kinda retarded when you think about it.

But until you make that initial decision to take action,

nothing’s gonna change.

Choice is yours,

make 2016 your b#tch.

Or spend the year complaining like a b#tch.

Andrew “time for a pint” Lahart

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