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Chat Sh#t, get BANGED

Any of you football fans would have heard this over the weekend.

It’s becoming the tag line for Jamie Vardy,

the Leicester City striker.

Last season he was kinda a laughing stock in the Premier League.

Seen as a lower league player out of his depth.

But this season, all those people who were talking sh#t about him

well & truly got BANGED.

As in they’ve been put firmly back in their place.

Vardy’s banging in goals for fun

and his team are top of league.

Nobody saw it coming.

Rather than listening to all “expert opinions”

He’s shut them all up,

proving each & everyone of them wrong.

If you’re a fat bloke.

And have been for some time,

take some inspiration from this.

When you’re overweight for so long,

it nearly becomes part of your identity.

eg Paul isn’t just Paul, he’s known as “Big Fat Paul”.

People get to know you & associate you with being fat.

The fella who’s great crack & always up for a pint.

They like you as is.

They don’t want you to change.

And all the times you’ve tried to lose weight & failed

has just become one running joke for them.

“What diet you onto now, haha?”

It’s very easy to listen to them,

and let it get to you.

Only problem for you is, you don’t want to be like this.

So while they’re a fan of Big Fat Paul

you f#cking hate him,

you just wanna be Paul.

What’s the point in trying to keep everyone else happy,

when deep down your pissed off as hell?

Take action and change your circumstances.

Do it for you.

Let the rest of them chat sh#t about your latest diet.

They’ll duly get BANGED

once they see how much progress you’ve made

If you need help getting out of the rut.

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