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Conor Mcgregor Factor

The Facebook feeds are full of him today,

and rightly so.

But as always there’s still people complaining about him.

He comes across quite genuine towards all his fans

and it looks like he makes time for them.

But what about all the haters?

All those people who think he’s too loud and cocky.

How does he deal with them?

He doesn’t.

He’s too busy fulfilling his dream and becoming a champion.

His mind is too focussed on what he wants

that he doesn’t give a f#ck what other people think.

And I’m sure when he first started out he got plenty of stick

when he said one day he’d be champion.

But now he’s there, sitting on the throne

looking down on everyone else around him.

He did what he said he would do.

Putting all this doubters and haters back in their place.

The chap is living proof of what you can do

when you focus your mind on something

and block out all the miserable haters that made fun of him.

The reality is most of these lads who were given him stick

are probably pissed off with life trapped in a shitty job,

where as he’s living his dream in Vegas and getting well paid for it.

Good on him,

he’s an incredible athlete and extremely proud of where he comes from,

a great ambassador for Ireland.

It’s very rare Ireland beat a country the size of Brazil in a sporting event.

If your a fella who’s been out of shape for a while,

take the lesson from this.

Don’t let what other people might think get in the way.

Take inspiration from the man himself and take action.

If people give you stick about your weight

You choose how to react.

Do you feel sorry for yourself and carry on pissed off?


do you use it as f#cking fuel & show them?

And more importantly prove it to yourself.

Imagine the look on your mate’s face when you’re no longer the fat one.

Rather than taking than poking fun at you,

he’ll be asking your advice on how you did it.

Andrew “it’s in your hands” Lahart

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