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Did I see you in the pub?

Was that you I seen last night?

Haha only messing buddy.

But what if you actually were?

Does that mean you’re stuck in a rut of bad habits?

That you’re in a process of putting on weight?

Well not necessarily, despite what some people would have you believe.

See it all depends on what else you’ve done that week.

What food you’ve eaten and what exercise you’ve done.

So this belief that you have to cut out all the booze

in order to lose weight is total bullsh#t.

For most lads I train, their biggest issue is the drink.

So telling them to cut it out completely just stupid.

They might stick at it for a few weeks

but eventually they’ll crack and “go back on it”.

The real trick is to address the all or nothing mentality.

So if you enjoy going out for a few scoops, you still can.

It makes it so much easier to stay in good habits during the week

when you have something at the weekend to look forward to.

So in that sense it can actually be a positive thing.

I see it all the time with my Bulletproof Dads.

All we have to do is track it our food during the week,

so we can have a few beers the weekend

without it slowing down our progress from our training.

There’s all sorts of tips & benefits about nutrition out there

and the problem is you read one

& then the next one completely contradicts the previous.

You don’t know which to believe.

So it all just adds to the confusion.

If you’re struggling & confused,

start at the foundation that I talked about on last weeks video series.

And get those habits nailed down.

Andrew “foundations first” Lahart

PS Email me back if you’re one of those struggling

email me back and I’ll send you on a free copy

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