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Didn’t know what to expect

Had a new lad join Bulletproof Dad yesterday

So after the session I asked him

“how did you find that, was it what you were expecting?”

His answer was

“grand, but to be honest I didn’t know what to expect”.

See reason being is, most lads who join the program

haven’t done much in terms of training in the last while.

And those that have,

tended to just stick to the cardio machines when in the gym.

The idea of lifting some weights can be intimidating

especially when you’re in the worst shape of your life.

And it’s especially tough

when you haven’t got the proper guidance in the gym.

It’s why I have MASSIVE RESPECT for all the lads who join BPD.

They don’t let the fear of the unknown stop them.

Or the fear that they will be the fattest on there to begin with.

Instead they choose to take action & show up.

Rather than putting things on the long finger

and saying “I must do something”.

They take a leap of faith and get stuck in

If you’re thinking about doing the same

Here’s the application ink for the new group

that I’m setting up later this month in Bulletproof Dad:


Andrew “Now’s Your Chance” Lahart

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