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Do yourself a favour

This can be very frustrating mate,

not gonna lie.

As a personal trainer you get asked a sh#t tonne of questions

when it comes to nutrition.

While it’s great you can help people out

and it shows that the person is genuinely interested.

There’s one BIG issue with most.

See more often than not the question is usually about

some minute detail

that in the grand scheme of things

doesn’t matter a sh#te.

For example,

You get a fella who’s 5 stone overweight and has been for sometime.

So automatically I know his calorie consumption needs to be addressed

first and foremost.

But problem is,

his biggest concern is what

brand of protein powder should he buy.

So while protein powder could be beneficial for him

(if he struggles to hit his ideal target through food alone)

it’s pointless worrying about it.

Until we address the big fat elephant in the room

ie the overconsumption of calories.

And until we address that,

it’s pointless even thinking about the protein powder.

Watch this last video of the series:

Even if you missed a few last week,

this will quickly recap all the fundamentals

I cover with the lads in Bulletproof Dad.

Seriously here’s the link again

Do yourself a BIG favour and watch this one.

Could save you a fortune.

Andrew “the big fat elephant” Lahart

PS Hope you enjoyed the video series,

if so, let me know what were the biggest things you took from it.

Would really appreciate your feedback on it.

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