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Dude, how’s that working for ya?

In the past have you ever signed up for a gym,

loaded with their high hopes & ready to tear into it?

If you’re like the majority that start, 

did the enthusiasm has almost disappeared within a month

What happened in the space of 4 weeks?

Was it the masses of people hogging all the equipment?

Or was it the ghost trainers that are there to help you,

You see them the first day you sign up and then like magic they evaporate into thin air,

nowhere to be found.

Or is just simply the fact there’s nobody at the gym to keep them accountable?

(Sure I can always go tomorrow)

Chances are if you’ve been a couple of gyms, 

you’ve experienced at least one of the above,

But most likely it was  a combination of them.

(I include myself in this group because overcrowded gyms wreck my head!)

So while most gyms these days are low cost, 

before you join your next one

ask yourself is there any value in me joining a gym?

If you’re big into your fitness and never miss a training session then yes of course there is.

But for the rest of us, is it really worth our while if you ain’t gonna go?

And for those of us that go, what the hell we do when we get there?

Jump on the treadmill or the rower I suppose.

Sound familiar?

For me, I’ve just described my typical client.

Keen for change, but needs guidance in how to make that change a permanent one.

The amount of bullsh#t out there about diet & exercise is frightening, 

Some of it is just outright dangerous. 

Body transformations being the prime example.

People going from “off the couch“ straight into training like a professional athlete.

A serious injury just waiting to happen.

So if you’re thinking about joining a gym,

Before you do, be honest with yourself and ask “is it worth my while”.

If you think you need help, you know where I am (Just an email away)

Til next time,

Andrew “waiting for a bench to free up” Lahart

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