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Email from an ex

A former client of mine sent me the following email:

“Hi Andrew,

Hope all is going well with you and the lads.

I felt compelled to write to you as, while I’ve started a new programme, it doesn’t compare to the expertise that you brought to the sessions.

I still read the emails you send which are really well put together and it’s amazing what one email will do to get people focused.

Without blowing smoke up your ass, the lads are in great hands as your passion for the programme that you’ve put together is immense and I’ve learned more in a few weeks in Defined Fitness than years of going to the gym and listening to lads that aren’t arsed about how you do.

In fact, it’s probably more in their interests to keep people out of shape than it is to get them fit.

It also boils down to know-how and you can’t put a price on that.

The nutritional advice and accountability is a huge part of it and again, I have been able to control my eating habits and cut out the stuff that undoes all the hard work.

Anyway, my fitness and energy levels have improved immensely and I’ll put that down to your advice. A small case in point, I was playing with the kids the other day. A game of Blind man’s buff that turned into an all-out wrestling match with my 4-year-old and 7-year-old and their boundless energy kicking the shit out of me.

A few months ago, I’d have jacked it in after a few minutes in a dishevelled heap. But I kept going, them jumping all over me and me picking them up and throwing them on the couch, and they loved it!! It felt great that I could keep up with them until THEY had enough!!

I miss the sessions in Swords but as I said, they haven’t been wasted. I’ve seen a few of these programmes being advertised on Facebook but for some reason they are all on the northside! What’s that about?

Are there no decent fitness trainers in west Dublin?!

Anyway, best of luck to you and the lads – they’re in great hands.


See unfortunately Stephen had pull out of Bulletproof Dad,

after only a few weeks into it.

The commute from Lucan was too much

because of the long hours he works.

If you’ve tried a training program but failed miserably,

Have you ever consider that it wasn’t your fault?

> Were you asked to change too much too soon?

> Were you given any decent nutrition advice?

> Did you just get given a program then left to your own devices.

If not, you’ll see as Stephen says

“The nutritional advice and accountability is a huge part of it”

It’s why I go mad when people refer to Bulletproof Dad as a “bootcamp’

“circuits” or “classes”.

There is so much more to what I do with the lads then just the training.

Because training on it’s own will only get you so far.

In order for permanent transformation to take place,

I leave no stone unturned in trying to educate you,

in every area of nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, accountability & training.

Because everyone of the above depends on the rest.

You can’t just pick & choose one or two.

If this sounds like the help & support you’re crying out for,

hit the application link & book a call with me:

Andrew “in good hands” Lahart

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