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Email from Mark

“How do you get the lads to lose weight if they can still drink pints?

Sounds too good to be true”

Got the above response from yesterday’s email.

In fairness to Mark it’s a good question

so let me explaineth:

What I love most about my nutrition system for BPD

(apart from the amazing results it’s helped my lads achieve)

is the flexibility it offers.

Picture this:

Let’s say your calorie target is 2000 per day & your protein is 160 grams.

On Saturday you’re meeting the lads down the pub to watch the match.

You’re going to have roughly 6 pints, which works put at around 1200 calories.

So Monday to Friday you re-adjust your calorie target to 1800, and the same on Sunday (the day after).

Despite the fewer calories, each day you still have to hit protein and your 5 fruit & veg.

Once you’ve done this, you’ve effectively saved up 1200 calories

that you can now spend on your Saturday night.

So you can go out and have the few beers,

without wiping out the deficit you’ve built up all week.

Because you track it, you can effectively “earn” your night out.

Obviously instead you could stay in,

save the calories and have a bigger deficit for the week.

But having a few treats to look forward to is key to keeping you on track.

All part of enjoying the process as I mentioned earlier.

And from my experience with training lads,

it’s the few beers they enjoy most as their treat.

That or a meal out with the missus.

This system allows for both.   

Despite this though it’s still not a one size fits all program.

When it comes to the subject of nutrition, no one program is.

The best plan is the one you can actually stick to.

So if everything I’ve gone through sounds a bit overwhelming,

don’t stress.

Just implement the things you think you can do

without getting overwhelmed.

I strongly encourage you to download the myfitnesspal app.

It’s free and gives you great perspective on your daily food habits and requirements.

Give it a genuine go before you dismiss it.

If you need any help, just hit reply.

Andrew “not too good to be true” Lahart

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