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An Email Hillary Wouldn’t Delete

Most of us know that vegetables are good for us

& stuff like sugar is bad for us.

But the problem for a lot of us is cooking.

We struggle to make that healthy food taste good.

Like there’s only so much plain chicken & broccoli you can eat.

The trick is to get all that good food into you,

meat & veg and the rest

but in a way that actually tastes good.

So that you enjoy it & actually have it again.

And then rather than just latch onto that one recipe,

you had an abundance of them to choose from.

See what I’m getting at?

The more recipes of good tasty wholesome foods you have available,

the more likely you are to eat better,

and in turn lose those extra few pounds of fat around the gut.

So I’ve put together the Nedser Melter Recipe Book,

specifically for guys that are looking to tone up some muscle

& lose the bulge in the process.

It has tonnes of recipes for breakfasts, lunches & dinners.

Plus some juices as well.

LOADS to keep you on track & enjoying your food.

If you haven’t got a copy from me already just drop me an email back.

Andrew “the naked chef” Lahart

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