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Fat Man!

Got this yesterday email from one of my former clients Stephen:

Hi Andrew,

You might have seen a clip of the recent press conference

where Louis van Gaal called The Sun reporter Neil Custis “fat man.”

It was a cheap shot but the facts were in front of him.

Custis isn’t a big man and has let himself go.

I can vouch for the fact that his job is ideal for piling on the pounds.

Strange hours, little spare time etc.

His response to Van Gaal, in The Sun, was to label him as a bully

(which he’s right, it was a low blow)

and claim that it was knee surgery that resulted him piling on the weight.

An excuse if ever I heard one.

Then there was the pics of him throwing a few shapes with a personal trainer to back it up.

The reality is I know for a fact that Custis has been rotund for a long time,

either side of his knee op, and van Gaal called him out.

Privately, I can imagine Custis is disgusted with himself

for letting himself get so big,

and I won’t be surprised if we see a leaner version of him

this time next year.

Or else his Fat Man tag will stick.

Actually, as I’m writing this, the presenter of Sky’s Sunday Supplement,

where Custis was a guest this morning,

just finished by saying

“That’s it from us and we managed to keep Neil away from the cakes.

He’s looking trim already.”

He’s now a running joke

and if it was me I’d be fuming (with myself).

Maybe when things like this happen,

whether it’s right or wrong,

and in fairness it’s usually our kids taking the piss out of us

“Daddy’s having a baby!!” etc

it sparks us into action!

In other words, the kick up the arse that’s needed!

Anyway, just thought I’d share it with you!

Hope things are going well pal,


Makes a good point doesn’t he?

Yes those comments by LVG were cruel,

but all comes down to how your man reacts to it.

Do nothing, feel sorry for yourself & stay in the rut


take f#cking action & get your arse in gear.

Ain’t nobody else gonna do it for him.

It’s harsh but if he reacts the right way,

it could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Andrew “time will tell” Lahart

PS Gonna take strategy calls later this week,

here’s the link if you wanna get me on the phone

& see if I can help you out


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