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F#ck have you been doing?

Chatting to one of my clients last week

He was had his family over the previous weekend for his son’s birthday.

So he’d bumped into some family members

that he hadn’t seen for a while.

And they all greeted him the same:

“F#cking Hell, what the f#ck have you been doing?!”

They all couldn’t get over the difference in his appearance.

He’s been training with me since May

and in that space of time he’s dropped about 7% body fat.

Which is fair auld noticeable chunk!

Especially when you consider it had been years

since he’d done any decent exercise

before joining the Bulletproof Dad Program.

So now that his bulging dad belly has pretty much disappeared

all the relatives couldn’t help but notice.

So while he joined the BPD program for himself

and for his kids.

(That he’d be around to see them grow up)

He admitted that it was nice to get the compliments

as it’s validated all his hard work since the start of the summer

So what was his secret?


He decided to take action.

So while all his mates talk about how “they must do something”

He actually went and did it.

Showing up for his 2 sessions with me every week,

and following the nutrition plan most of the time.

Having no crazy restrictive stuff (like cutting out your pints)

allowed him to stick to it over the summer,

because he actually enjoys the process

so it’s no big deal to him.

And the best part is, he has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Again, because he enjoys the the training

and the crack with the lads in the gym.

So here’s the deal mate,

I’m gonna take an extra strategy call tomorrow,

here’s the link if you want to grab it:


Andrew “full of compliments” Lahart

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