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It felt great: Personal Trainer Swords

Chatting with one of the lads in gym this morning.

He’s a big Arsenal fan,

and was telling me that he went out last Friday

to the pub to watch the Arsenal v Leicester game.

(what a game btw)

Anyways, he’s only been training with me the last 2 months

but he said that he tried on one of his favourite

old school Arsenal jerseys before heading out.

And for the first time in years, it fitted him.

“it felt f#cking great” he said.

So for the first time in a long time he wore it out for the match.

I was delighted to hear it because that’s a major goal I have

for all the lads that train with me.

That they can wear the tops that they want to,

filling the sleeves with their new found upper body muscle

and not having to worry about their gut hanging out of the bottom.

See it’s not always about 6 packs or trying to get ripped.

Simply getting yourself into a shape

where by you feel comfortable in your clothes,

and you have new found energy to play with your kids

after a busy day at work.

That’s what it’s really about for most of the lads in BPD

Andrew “good result” Lahart

PS here’s an example of body shape I’m talking about:


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