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Fighting a Losing Battle

“I was one of those people who hammered himself in the gym

and still ate all the wrong foods

and wondered why the weight never came off.

You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.

I’ve found the food and the exercising easy to do.

My problem in the past was that when I was busy,

I opted for the easy solution.

But as the weeks have gone on

I’ve learned new meals I can prepare,

that are quick and easy and surprisingly tasty”

These are the words of Irish comedian Karl Spain

when he was interviewed by

about his experiences so far on Operation Transformation.

I think he makes a great point here,

because so many lads make the same mistake.

When you think about it,

losing weight comes down to the fundamental equation

of calories in vs calories out.

So while you can start hammering yourself in the gym

to burn off a few extra calories.

Unless you are aware how many calories you are eating

you’ve NO idea if all that work in the gym

is enough to tilt the equation in the favour of losing weight.

And as he says himself a few “easy” changes

with his food has made all the difference.

It’s a prime example of how

training smart (by also looking at your food),

beats training hard,

everyday of the bloody week.

If you struggle with making quick healthy, tasty dishes

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Andrew “smart arse” Lahart

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