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From the Navy

I’ve trained a lot of Dads over the years,

long before I even started Bulletproof Dad.

When I was in Australia a few years back,

Most of the dudes I trained at the Fremantle Navy Barracks

had young families.

Don’t know how they managed to balance everything

between the “job” and being there for their family.

And on top of it all, having to stay in tip top shape.

Truth be told, I learned a lot from them.

Not just their work ethic,

but how to carry yourself as man.

Because their career & more importantly their life

depended on the being physically fit & strong

they always made time for training.

They didn’t need convincing.

Truth be told I could have f#cked off for a coffee,

come back half an hour later and they’d be training hard at it

They were self motivated, and united by a common goal.

They were all in it together.

So while they were a bit different to “normal” man

aka me & you

The biggest lesson I learned from the whole experience there was


All it takes is one bad egg to bring the whole team down.

I used everything I learned there to create my Bulletproof Dad Program

when I set up my own gym here in Swords.

And it’s why the first thing I did was make it application only.

To make sure only GENUINE men got involved.

Men who are genuine about change and willing to follow through.

I’m not talking about living in the gym

or going on an anti social rabbit food diet.

But lads who make their 2 training sessions every week

And work hard when they show up.

When you get the right mix of lads in the gym

& the training is bang on point,

and it’s backed up with proper, real world nutrition advice

serious results can happen.

Andrew “your environment” Lahart

PS if your current training environment involves

wandering aimlessly around a gym, bored out of your tree,

maybe it’s time change it.

You can start by dropping me a mail back for an application link.

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