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Game Day

The big day has arrived.

All week everyone has been talking up the dubs 

and writing off Mayo.

Even though Dublin were poor the last day

the reality is they got away with it (just)

And once they show up today ready to for war,

all that will be forgotten about

and their fate will be in their own hands.

It’s the same predicament an over weight Dad can find themselves in.

Having stopped doing any meaningful exercise since settling down

Watching that belly expand week in week out.

Do you take action now while you still can?

Or do you keep putting it off until diabetes has kicked in 

and your popping pills left right n centre just to keep you alive.

Might sound over the top, 

but this the reality for most lads who enter their 40’s overweight.

So if you have young kids and that belly is creeping up n up,

use them as an excuse to get your sh#t together,

rather than use them as an excuse that you can’t.

2 hours a week brother, that’s all you need.

Once you do the right training.

So do it now while it’s still in your hands.

There’ll always be 100 reasons to hold off til next month.

The number one reason lads start training with me

is because they wanna be around to see their kids grow up.

Not because of getting abs or biceps 

(even though it’s a nice added bonus)

Pretty powerful sh#t when you think about it.

Don’t be the guy who’s in his mid 40’s,

sitting the waiting room looking down at his bulging gut,

waiting to get his diabetes test results back from the doctor.

Take f#cking action.

I’m offering you FREE access to my

14 Day Kick Up The Arse Program.

I can’t do anymore than that.

Here’s the link with the details & application:

Andrew “COYBIB” Lahart

PS If you’ve already applied,

I will be in touch with you on Monday to confirm your spot.

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