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Get on yer bike

The great Dublin bike ride was on last weekend.

A client of mine did it with some of his mates

and afterwards he sent me the following txt:

“Hey Andrew

Finished the ride in 2 hrs for the 60 k .

Absolutely flew round .

Been on the bike 3 times in 3 years .

Can’t believe how fit I felt round the route ..

You are obviously right when you said we are getting a huge

cardiovascular benefit in what we have been doing with you”

All his mates had been doing serious training for it

And he whooped them!


Don’t get me wrong,

He didn’t become a top cyclist from training with me.


he used to cycle loads.

And in the last 2 years, he’s solely relied on Bulletproof Dad

and some football for his fitness.

And as a result he maintained his high levels of fitness for cycling.

Was delighted for him.

Especially that he can wind his mates up

after whooping their asses.

Love it : )


Got great feedback from you loads of you gents

about the new Bulletproof Dad morning Program.

(Really should have started it sooner to be honest)

Appreciate those of you who offered their opinions

of what times suit best for training.

7am ran away it.

just like my client who txted me above ; )

I’ve sent a few application links to a few of you dudes already.

Here’s the link:

Fill it out with honesty

& I’ll give you a call back with all the details

Andrew “get on it” Lahart

ps any of you gents out there that have a spare tic to the Dubs

please feel free to ping me an email back

would be muchas appreciated.

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