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Get Your Priorities Right

It’s probably the subject I get asked about most.


You’d think as a trainer it would all be exercise related

but the truth is,

the issue most people seek clarity on is nutrition.


Because most people don’t know where to f#cking start.

And the reason being is simple.

You scroll through your facebook feed

and the first article you see is about

how high protein diets are great for weight loss.

Keep scrolling down and the second article you see

is about the top 10 benefits of going vegan.

Again you keep scrolling down

and the third article you see is about

the 5 best foods to detox your liver.

Get my point?

There’s all sorts of tips & benefits about nutrition out there

and the problem is,

you read one

& then the next one you read

completely contradicts the one you read previous.

You don’t know which to believe.

Then you have these “weight loss gurus”

selling products like herbalsh#t or jizz plus.

The dude selling it has been an electrician the past 20 years

but last month he bought into their franchise,

so now all of a sudden he’s a nutrition expert

and dishing out all sorts of advice to anyone

who is desperate enough to listen.

It usually involves substituting real food

for a concoction of pills & shakes.

(a rant for another day)

So it all just adds to the confusion.

You can tell even from people’s questions

how their priorities are al over the place.

Biggest concern people seem to have is their meal timing,

like how soon to have breakfast or

are they eating too late in the evening.

The truth is, all that doesn’t really matter

if the quality of food you eat is crap.

Like ideally you don’t eat straight before bed BUT

I’d rather eat a homemade dinner at 10pm

rather than a takeaway at 6pm, then nothing else.

Or if I was up at 6am,

I’d rather eat yoghurt & berries at 8am

than force feeding myself some sh#tty cereal at 6am.

Get my point?

Might seem obvious to some of you,

but the take home is simple.

If you’re struggling & confused,

start at the foundation

aka the quality of food you eat.

Meal timing & supplements etc all come secondary.

Cut back on the obvious crap,

like take aways, sweets & fizzy drinks

and prioritise getting a min 3 good meals every day.

Aim for a good protein source at each meal, 5 fruit & veg,

and roughly 2 litres of water.

These little things done constantly will add up

to make a HUGE difference, believe me

I see it all the time with my Bulletproof Dads

Get those habits nailed down,

then you can start looking at the calorie targets & meal timing etc.

Andrew “foundations first” Lahart

PS Email me back if you’re one of those struggling dudes

that doesn’t where to start.

I have some info that can help you out

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