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“Getting Less Sh#t”

One of the bulletproof dad lads mentioned the other day

how he was doing guitar lessons at the moment.

When he mentioned it,

a few of the lads perked up and a  conversation kicked off.

Turns out most of us there (in the gym in Swords) all have or had

plans at some stage to learn how to play the guitar.

A few of the lads had even done a few lessons before.

But like the majority of people who start,

they give up soon after.

They all mentioned how they were “shit at it”

But the fella who’s currently doing the lessons made a great point

that you’re “supposed to be shit at the start”

And as the weeks of practice go on,

you become less and less shit.

Great point

And I think the very same is true for lads who wanna get back in shape.

I hear from lads regularly who follow these emails,

they mention how they like the sound of BPD

and want to get involved.

But first they want to get their fitness up before joining.

Basically they’re afraid to commit now

as they think they’ll be shit at it.

In other words they think they’re too fat & too unfit.

So they miss the whole point of BPD.

I created it to help lads who have themselves go

and now need a major kick up the arse to get going again.

I couldn’t care how unfit or fat they are starting off,

I take care of all that.

It’s all about the attitude and the willingness to improve week on week.

And before you know it a BPD star is born

(how cheesy, but you get what I mean)

Andrew “wannabe rockstar” Lahart

PS if any of the above strikes a cord

(pun intended)

Here’s a link to the BPD 14 Day Trial Application:


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