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Give yourself a break

This is a common pattern I see with most lads who join

the Bulletproof Dad Program.

They all have one thing in common,

they f#cking hate the gym.

Nearly everyone of the lads,

has given it a go at some point

and quit soon enough after.

And they usually reference the lack of support

as to why they jacked it in.

Don’t blame them to be honest.

You spend your younger years playing sport,

being part of a team environment.

Then you settle down & have a family

the body gets a bit older,

and the football or the GAA all stops.

And for most, the only other option is to join the gym.

Where you’re expected to go it all alone.

Something you’ve never really done before.

So your relying on the staff in the gym to look after you.

But problem is,

in a lot of these gyms,

these lads are getting paid minimum wage,

or working for free to get “experience”.

They’re mainly just responsible for keeping the gym clean.

So don’t be surprised if the support you get ain’t great.

If you were in their shoes,

getting paid pitons.

and given way too many people to look after,

chances are you wouldn’t really be that arsed either.

So when you break it down,

it’s no wonder you got pissed off and jacked it in.

Nothing worse than dedicating your limited time,

doing something you f#cking hate

and seeing very little benefit form it.

And then being expected to keep yourself motivated to go regularly.

For most lads it’s only a matter of time

before you get pissed off & quit.

But then these lads join Bulletproof Dad,

they’re back into training in a team environment

with lads in the same situation as them.

Plus they have me coordinating all their training sessions,

so the guidance, support, and motivation is in abundance.

From me & the other lads you’re training with.

So you can feel the benefit in no time.

All you gotta do is show up,

The rest is taken care of.

You learn what to do in the gym,

how to do it properly

And what little changes with food add up to make a BIG difference.

Here’s the link to book a call & get all the info:

Andrew “changing the game” Lahart


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