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Go Compare

No I’m not talking about that head wrecking TV ad

that used to be on all the time.

I wanna talk about how it’s OK to compare yourself to others.

You always hear people saying never do it,

But it’s part of our human nature.

It’s almost impossible not to.

So trying to stoop yourself from doing it

is just down right un-natural.

You can beat yourself up about it,

OR you can acknowledge that your just human,

and this a normal thing to do.

What really counts is what you do with the comparison.

So say for example, you decide to start back exercising

after a lengthy stint on the couch.

And you decide to join my Bulletproof Dad Program.

You rock up to your first session a bundle of nerves,

your mind in overdrive, afraid you’re gonna keel over after 5 mins.

But you persevere because you’re desperate to lose this belly.

During the session you see some of the others guys around you

are a bit fitter, a bit stronger, and carrying less weight.

It’s only natural that you’re gonna compare yourself to them,

as they’re coming form very similar circumstances to yourself.

But you’re then faced with a choice.

Do you slate yourself for not being as fit as the other guys,

hating on yourself for letting it get to this stage.

Or do you take encouragement from the other lads,

seeing as they can do it, you can to.

Why the f#ck not?

Sure you’ve got the same tools they do.

So once again it comes down to that choice.

Will I react this way or that?

Will I go into my self loathing shell

or will I take it as the encouragement I need

to give me the belief I’ve been lacking for so long.


Andrew “how’s your tools?” Lahart

PS all you dudes signed up on the guinea pig trial,

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