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“I did a good 2 hours”

When you’re heading to the gym,

how long should you actually spend there?

I often hear people say stuff like

“I was at the gym today for 2 full hours”

That’s great but…

what did you do while you were there?

Usually turns out they did an hour of weights

followed by an hour of cardio.

Or something along those lines.

Sounds great but in my view

if you’ve done an hour long weight session

You should be pretty b#ll#xed afterwards.

The session should have been very challenging

& really pushed you.

Afterwards the only things on your mind should be refuel & rest.

So what about these people

who can then go and do an hours cardio afterwards?

They must be super fit right?

Ye some of them might be but

Chances are most of them simply aren’t working to an intensity

anywhere near challenging enough in the weight room.

If they’re not doing the right exercises

& if the weights aren’t heavy enough,

They’re gonna get very little from the session.

It comes down to the old argument

quality vs quantity.

In my experience you are far better off to give yourself an hour

And absolutely smash it for that hour, then stop.

The hormonal response from training

is way more favourable when you train this way

Leading to an overall better result,

if you’re trying to lose the belly.

So if you are gym go’er,

Prioritise what you get done while there,

rather that how long you’re there

Go in with a set plan and a watch,

get it done & leave

Don’t be that guy who spends most of his time sitting there on his smart phone

Just punching in time.

This is what I do with my Bulletproof Dads

And these results speak for themselves;


Andrew “get it done & go” Lahart

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