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Why you got a sweet tooth?

Anytime I’m on a strategy call with one of lads

who follows these emails.

I have about 3 “set” questions I’ll always ask.

One of which is about what their food’s like.

Just to get an idea of what their eating.

And to be honest usually the response I get is


In fairness it’s to be expected,

nobody books a strategy call because their flying.

Why would you be looking for help when things are going well.

It’s only when you’re stuck in a rut

when you’ll look for help.

When the pain of staying the same

is greater than the pain of change.

Anyways they’ll usually say something like

“I can’t put the pack of biscuits away”


“I have a really sweet tooth”

Ever wonder what causes the so called sweet tooth?

Well there’s some really cool research being done at the moment

where the people in lab coats are examining people’s gut bacteria.

The good vs the bad.

And what their finding is

certain foods can fuel the good bacteria

and likewise

certain foods can fuel the bad bacteria

(mostly sh#t junk foods)

And type of bacteria that receives more fuel,

tends to dominate the the gut.

And when you consider that your gut is directly connected to your brain

through the vagus nerve

they reckon the following could be happening.

> Eat crap food

> bad gut bacteria gets fuelled and overrides the good bacteria

> Gut signals to the brain that it needs more fuel

> So your brain sends out of cravings for more fuel

Only problem is, it’s cravings for more of the sh#t food.

Because the bad bacteria is running the show.

And then, this process repeats & repeats.

So no wonder you’ve got the so called

“sweet tooth”


if you get into better habits with food,

this can all be reversed.

The good bacteria then dominates,

so you crave good food rather than the bad stuff.

Altering your taste buds &

making your life a lot easier to eat well.

So next time you find yourself cursing your sweet tooth

keep this in mind.

Pretty interesting sh#t huh?

Andrew “science nerd” Lahart

PS This is the sort of golden nugget info I’ll be covering in my seminar,

I’ll keep you posted on dates soon as I have them locked in : )

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