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He decided to quit

You might have heard during the week that

Irish UFC Fighter Cathal Pendred has decided to retire.

He’s only 28 so most considered him to be

only entering his prime.

He did an interview on RTE radio the other day

to explain his reasons for retiring:

“I have friends who are professional athletes in other sports

and I still see them and hang around,

but they’re able to meet up with the lads and have a pizza,

whereas if you’re a professional MMA fighter that’s not the case.

You can’t go out drinking, rarely ever,

you can’t eat food, you kind of become a recluse, it’s a lifestyle”

So basically the sacrifice has become bigger than the reward

and he’s had enough.

Can’t argue with that.

It’s a seriously tough way to earn a living.

And he’s decided it just ain’t worth it anymore.

It kinda ties in with what I was talking about on yesterday’s email

lads going full throttle on trying to lose the belly.

Trying to cut out all the food & drink they like

and training themselves into the ground.

The whole process is just punishing.

So soon enough you get pissed off & stop.

Just like Cathal, you decide it ain’t worth it anymore.

But what if you were like one of his mates he referenced.

The one’s who are also professional athletes

but are able to chill out & have a pizza.

I’m willing to bet those lads are still in pretty good nick.

And they probably enjoy the whole lifestyle,

having a nice balance between training & treats.

And that’s the secret,

you have to enjoy the process,

otherwise what’s the f#cking point?

See once you do enough of the right things,

you can get away with doing some of the wrong things.

Think about it,

chances are you only want to lose the belly,

so if a professional athlete can do it,

you’ll deffo have the flexibility to do it.

But unless you do the right training at the right times,

you’re gonna struggle.

It’s simple maths, the better training you do

the more treats you get away with.

So if you’re one of those lads who spends their time in the gym,

running on a treadmill,

& watching all the fit young lads lifting the big weights.

Click this link & book a free strategy call with me.

And see if I can help you out of the rut:


Andrew “a BIG fan of beer & pizza” Lahart

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