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He flashed them

One of the lads in BPD was away on his holliers

in Portugal for 2 weeks.

And he was back in the gym with us last week.

And he had a gas story while he was away.

He joined the Bulletproof Dad Program back in Feb

and in the last 6 months he’s seen HUGE progress.

Down nearly 2 stone and dropped from a 38 waist to a 34.


Not bad for an “auld fella” in his early 40’s : )

Anyways he was telling me that while he was away,

he stayed at a hotel that had a couple of water slides at the pool.

And one day he was going down the slide,

and when he stepped up out of the pool

his swimming shorts fell down to his ankles.


See they were an old pair with his old waist size of a 38

so they were literally swimming on him (pun intended).

So while he was mortified after flashing the all the hotel guests 

He said it was the best holiday he had in years.

He was super confident walking around in the sun with his top off,

not worrying about his belly hanging out.

PLUS he had way more energy to be running around

and playing with his 2 kids around the pool and on the beach.

And because he enjoys the crack training with the lads,

he was straight back into it last week.

Andrew “mouse back in the house” Lahart

PS Apologies to anyone of you who submitted applications for BPD last week,

I’m catching up on them today.

So will be in touch with you later today.

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