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He got his hole last night

Had a completely different email planned for today,

but it’s gonna have to wait.

See I got this text from one of my clients this morning:

“ I Got My Hole last night : ) ”

He was telling me during the week

that he had lined up a date for Saturday night.

The lads in his 30’s but has just gotten out of a longterm relationship.

Like seriously long term.

He started training with me a few months ago

because he’d “lost the run of himself” the last few years.

Being in an unhappy relationship had lead him to

bad habits when it came to food & booze.

As for exercise, forget about it.

He’d piled on over 2 stone in the last 12 months alone.

And the fact he was now back on the market,

having split form his missus

he knew he had to do something about the

ned kelly he was after cultivating.

So he joined Bulletproof Dad back in September

and he’s already nearly down that 2 stone he piled on.

Not only is the belly shrinking

but he’s grown some muscles he never knew he had.

And as a result, his self confidence is on a whole new level.

And it shows,

this girl he was meeting last night was a stunner,

(based on her tinder profile he showed me during the week)

He even said himself,

no way would he have even contemplated getting in touch with her

a few months back.

So after his txt this morning,

I can assume everything went well for him.

See when you look good, you automatically feel better about yourself.

So it’s only natural your confidence is gonna sore.

And this case, his confidence proved to be irresistible.

Andrew “helping lads get laid” Lahart

(prob my best sign of yet, haha)

PS if you’re in a similar situation to my boy above

hit the application link & let me help you out:


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